Eat Plants Not Pigs

Veg-Inspired T-Shirts from FollowThatVegan

As you may already know, I love to draw. I especially enjoy creating veg-inspired artwork that features animals, plants, vegetables and all things vegan. So it just made sense when my buddy, Rob, approached me to collaborate on some t-shirts featuring my designs. They’re available for purchase now on Amazon! My portion of all profits from the sales of these t-shirts will go directly to … Continue reading Veg-Inspired T-Shirts from FollowThatVegan

30 Days of Berries by Illustrator Ruthie Lafond

My college friend Ruthie Lafond is an incredible illustrator and children’s book blogger. Recently, she took on the challenge of creating a berry or cherry a day for 30 days to focus on her water-coloring technique, and the results were so adorable I just had to share! Click an image below to view the slideshow. ABOUT RUTHIE LAFOND I met Ruthie when she was studying … Continue reading 30 Days of Berries by Illustrator Ruthie Lafond

Sanctuary Spotlight: Ahimsa Acres

(photo of Tony and Jena Mazzio by FollowThatVegan) “Ahimsa” is the principle of nonviolence toward all living things, and Jena and Anthony (Tony) Mazzio certainly embody this principle every day. While both also working other full-time jobs, Jena and Tony run Ahimsa Acres, the sanctuary they founded only two short years ago in 2015. According to their website, “Ahimsa Acres Sanctuary serves as a permanent … Continue reading Sanctuary Spotlight: Ahimsa Acres

Meet Jackie Gran

Meet Jackie Gran, Cinnamon Snail’s Incredible Vegan Artist Baker

If you’ve visited NYC’s The Cinnamon Snail, or if you’re an avid follower of their social media accounts, then you for sure know Jackie Gran. You won’t necessarily know her by name but you’ve definitely seen her amazing work: she is Cinnamon Snail’s baker and decorator, and she’s the artistic genius behind their delicious, super creative and beautifully decorated baked goods. I have been fan-girling … Continue reading Meet Jackie Gran, Cinnamon Snail’s Incredible Vegan Artist Baker

Eating and Blogging – My California Adventure

Ant and I just flew back from a two-week dream vacation in California (and boy are my arms tired! Sorry. Couldn’t resist). Like any good vegans worth their weight in nutritional yeast, we spent the majority of our time searching for hot vegan spots, eating incredible local vegan bites, and planning our next meals and snacks. We were always on the lookout for amazing vegan … Continue reading Eating and Blogging – My California Adventure

Happy World Vegan Day 2015I

Five Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day

Happy November 1st! Not only is today my birthday (shameless mention so you’ll wish me a happy one) but it’s also World Vegan Day – hooray! Whether you’ve been vegan for a lifetime, you’re a vegan “newbie,” or you’re not a vegan at all, there are plenty of ways to celebrate today. Here are just a few suggestions: EAT SOME VEGAN FOOD Of course. Why … Continue reading Five Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day