30 Days of Berries by Illustrator Ruthie Lafond

My college friend Ruthie Lafond is an incredible illustrator and children’s book blogger. Recently, she took on the challenge of creating a berry or cherry a day for 30 days to focus on her water-coloring technique, and the results were so adorable I just had to share!

Click an image below to view the slideshow.


I met Ruthie when she was studying creative writing at Bard College. She’s always had her mind set on writing and illustrating books for kids, and she’s co-creator of the blog Pen & Oink, which centers around children’s book illustration.

Ruthie lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two kittens. When she has any free time, you can catch her reading, drinking tea or talking to animals on the street.


Visit Ruthie’s website, RuthieLafond.com, and follow her on Instagram to view what she’s working on now. Be sure to check out her awesome drawing, “Roots & Tubers,” as well as her series of super cute pigs!

All images property of Ruthie Lafond and shared with permission. Thanks, Ruthie!


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