Happy World Vegan Day 2015I

Five Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day

Happy November 1st! Not only is today my birthday (shameless mention so you’ll wish me a happy one) but it’s also World Vegan Day – hooray!

Whether you’ve been vegan for a lifetime, you’re a vegan “newbie,” or you’re not a vegan at all, there are plenty of ways to celebrate today. Here are just a few suggestions:


Of course. Why else would a day like this exist? Aren’t holidays created for the food?

Not vegan? Try just committing to eating one meal that’s plant-based today. Or better yet, enjoy a whole day of cruelty-free meals and snacks. Here‘s one of my favorite places to get vegan recipes. And here‘s another.

Already vegan? This would be a great day to try a new fruit or veggie (jackfruit anyone?) or that weird recipe you’ve been eyeing (aquafaba, I’m looking at you).


Organizations like Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and Indraloka Animal Sanctuary are wonderful places giving shelter – and lots of love – to animals rescued from certain slaughter. Plan a visit to meet the animals and their wonderful caretakers in person, make a donation, or sponsor an animal.


Watch a documentary like Vegucated or Forks Over Knives and take a closer look at the impact of a vegan diet on your body and your world. Get answers about all things vegan at sites like this one. Or use today as an excuse to finally purchase that subscription to VegNews you’ve been wanting. You’ll get vegan news, updates, and recipes from them for a whole year.


Places like MooShoes, Lugusta’s Luscious, and Vegan Treats are passionate about offering cruelty-free, vegan products. Today is a great day to show these companies your support.


Let your friends and family know you’re celebrating World Vegan Day and inspire them to follow suit!

How Are You Celebrating World Vegan Day?

I’d love to hear your ideas – let me know in the comments section below!


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