Sanctuary Spotlight: Ahimsa Acres

(photo of Tony and Jena Mazzio by FollowThatVegan) “Ahimsa” is the principle of nonviolence toward all living things, and Jena and Anthony (Tony) Mazzio certainly embody this principle every day. While both also working other full-time jobs, Jena and Tony run Ahimsa Acres, the sanctuary they founded only two short years ago in 2015. According to their website, “Ahimsa Acres Sanctuary serves as a permanent … Continue reading Sanctuary Spotlight: Ahimsa Acres

Cats of Indraloka

Sanctuary Spotlight: Meet Indraloka’s Welcoming Committee

I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone who’s had the privilege of visiting Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, they’ll tell you one of the best parts of stepping onto the gorgeous grounds is being instantly greeted by the team of friendly faces that fast approaches upon your arrival. It’s as if they can sense brand new people have come to visit. They come from all sides and … Continue reading Sanctuary Spotlight: Meet Indraloka’s Welcoming Committee