Cats of Indraloka

Sanctuary Spotlight: Meet Indraloka’s Welcoming Committee

I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone who’s had the privilege of visiting Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, they’ll tell you one of the best parts of stepping onto the gorgeous grounds is being instantly greeted by the team of friendly faces that fast approaches upon your arrival.

It’s as if they can sense brand new people have come to visit. They come from all sides and silently gather around to welcome you to their piece of “heaven on earth.” Without a word, they affectionately and instantly make you feel like you’ve found a place as part of the Indraloka family.

Did I mention they’re cats?

In addition to the rescued farm animals living their days in peace at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, located in Mehoopany, PA, the sanctuary has nearly 100 felines from a variety of backgrounds – some feral or strays, others from shelters, many abandoned at the sanctuary by people who no longer wanted to care for them – and who all know they have finally found care, comfort, and a loving home.

Each one that greets you upon your arrival – and throughout your day – is friendlier than the next. Sit on a bench or the ground, or stop to visit with another resident animal, and you won’t be without a sweet kitty friend in your lap for long.

And it’s not just visitors to the sanctuary that fall quickly in love with this adorable and ultra-friendly cat population. Dubbed “The Mayor of Indraloka,” Wesley T. Monkey recently found internet fame when he provided comfort to his dear bovine friend Penny as she peacefully passed away. Read this amazing tale that touched celebs like George Takei.


Love animals? Plan your visit to Indraloka now. They’ve got monthly “Nurture and Nourish” volunteer days you can sign up to attend, but they’ll pretty much welcome a helping hand whenever you can make the trek.

Go for the rescued farm animals. Stay for the all of the new feline friends you’ll make during your time there. And let me know when you stop by for a visit. I’d love to hear all about your experiences there!


Who doesn’t? Check out this awesome one made by Johnny Braz, Creative Director of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, featuring many of Indraloka’s kitties (with special appearances by other members of the Indraloka animal gang!)

The Kitties of Indraloka from Johnny Braz on Vimeo.


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